What We've Become

by Wayfarer

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The first release under the name Wayfarer. There were no intentions to take the project any further.


released January 8, 2008

Recorded by Erik O'Neill in his bedroom on Church street over a few afternoons.



Track Name: The Stream
I remember when
You said that if you whisper to the breeze
Somebody would hear you shouting out your hopes and dreams
But isn’t it funny that the stream has never heard your cries
As it picks you up, sweeps you away and swallows up your life

Now you can fly your kite and you can plant your seeds
But the rain keeps on falling while the water’s rising in the stream
And your kite came crashing down
And your seeds will never blossom because these flowers have all drowned

They’re drowning

You’re fucking drowning

And now you’ve planted your roots beneath the grass and fallen leaves
You stand tall but when the wind blows you start swaying in the breeze
Until that stream that once got you so wet
Will uproot you and you’ll never see the sun


You’ll never see the sun again
You’ll never see this sun again
Track Name: Stones
Gather these stones; gather the nerve, to cast at shadows
The floorboards keep this house awake, these walls never had much to say
It’s been a while since solid ground dwelled under my feet
It’s been a while since I’ve opened my eyes and pulled my tongue from cheek

Since I forgot how to fall
Since I haven’t been mistaken
Since I’ve been this vulnerable
Looks like we stand out in the open

As summer nights are laid to rest, we control our breathing
No need to impress because we’ll never forget this person’s got the best of me
Searching for meaning in brown-green eyes, looking for anything that might tell me why
At night I’m able to sleep and always anticipating the sun rise
Track Name: Withered
And we stare up at the stars wondering how we’ll make it through these days
Searching for answers written across the sky but solemnly drawing blanks
But they’ve got their hearts set on a dire dream on breathing in an industry that’s self-destructive
Devising plans to one day emulate everything they think they ought to be

And they’re screaming
But we can’t hear them
As profit margins dance up with the clouds we hope one day it all comes crashing down
And sleeps in graveyards

They stare up at the screen exchanging innocence and self-esteem
For distorted views of orchids past full bloom and bare leaf trees with withered, barren roots
With matches fueling our intentions we’ll be dancing on the ashes of what held us down, what choked us up
And we’ll scream for a new confidence and a self-respect we thought we’d never feel, again
Track Name: To Breathe
Waving in the wind again
Wishing for cool light on this hot night out of hinds sight just like we’ve always been
We shall cloak our disarray careful not to stumble all along the way
Tight-lipped feelings bumping limbs at war with words knowing full well we’ll never win

Getting lost again.

Reflecting on past moons again
Jumping boarders, hopping fences into a silence neither deafening nor subdued
Take the stalks swaying in stride; breathe in the landscape through these sunken tired eyes
This could signify a change in times, no more scraping through or barely getting by

Getting lost again.

Foundations shaking loose again
Trying to escape this sense of self, holding onto guiding hands as they transfer the guilt
They can’t grasp what’s graced your eyes; the clouds are moving in on incandescent skies
Pulse dictates that you’re still alive but you’re not so sure this time

Getting lost again.
Track Name: Get Tough (If Cz Taught Me Anything)
This could be the end
We may be bleeding but we’re still breathing
And this could be the end
Where you stare at your feet, swab the blood from your knees wondering why
Everything has changed
It’s the world that’s in bloom and there’s nothing kid, nothing left, for you to latch onto
Time to get tough it was long overdue

I’m done waiting
For the world to come to

This could be the end
Of our old hearts so heavy and bitter
And this could be the end
Where our eyes feel a little bit lighter
You can’t grow up in vein
Watch the snow falling into the palm of your hand
Wondering why you’ve never seen
All the intricacies and content you can finally sing