The Reflections EP

by Wayfarer

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    This is the second release under Wayfarer. Still no full band yet but it would eventually lead to a short lived rotating line-up and would get us to our first EP as a band.

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I was almost down to no bands a little bit after the first EP so I decided to turn Wayfarer into a full project. For this EP I played all the instruments as it was going to be used to assemble a band. The first batch of shows we had basically a rotating line-up with the exception of Steve and I. It was the first time I had done something like that and looking back it was a lot of fun. The first 5-6 shows the songs were played a little bit differently every time as there were usually two new members hearing it and playing it their own way.

As sloppy as this EP is, I'm still pretty proud of most of it.


released October 1, 2008

Recorded again by Erik O'Neill in his bedroom on Church Street. Bishop Weirzbicki also came by to do some backing vocals.



Track Name: The Stream
I remember when
You said that if you whisper to the breeze somebody would hear you shouting out your hopes and dreams
But isn’t it funny that the stream has never heard you cry
As it picks you up, sweeps you away and swallows up your life

Now you can fly your kite and you can plant your seeds
But the rain keeps on falling while the water’s rising in the stream
And your kite came crashing down
And your seeds will never blossom because these flowers have all drowned

They’re drowning.

And you’ve planted your roots beneath the grass and fallen leaves
You stand tall but when the wind blows you start swaying in the breeze
Until that stream that once got you so wet
Will uproot you and you’ll never see the sun again
You’ll never see the sun again

You’ll never see this sun again
Track Name: Get Tough
This could be the end
We may be bleeding but we’re still breathing
And this could be the end
Where you stare at your feet, swab the blood from your knees wondering why
Everything has changed
It’s the world that’s in bloom and there’s nothing kid, nothing left, for you to latch onto
Time to get tough it was long overdue

I’m done waiting
For the world to come to

This could be the end
Of our old hearts so heavy and bitter
And this could be the end
Where our eyes feel a little bit lighter
You can’t grow up in vein
Watch the snow falling into the palm of your hand
Wondering why you’ve never seen
All the intricacies and content you can finally sing
Track Name: Letters
And it seems
These books don’t hold the answers
I don’t understand the motions of the stage
The spectacle it never mattered
It’s this hunger
This hunger keeps me fit for this cage

Cigarettes light up the faces of the names I’ll soon forget
As they smoke the inner recluse out of me
Stained teeth mutter with no meaning, it reminds me of a time when ignorance is bliss once felt so serene

And we can spend forever trying to remember when
Tearing up still pictures just trying to forget
I can tell by those silent eyes that apathy’s your answer

All the blood stained letters housed in half open envelopes
At least before you were bleeding you longed for something more
You’re always looking for your voice down all these other people’s throats
You’re always looking for an answer to these questions carved in stone
You’re always looking to the sky when hollow nights get so cold
You’re finally starting to think He has never heard your fucking voice
Track Name: Reflections
Don’t lose face, get carried away, out there everybody’s watching, they can spot a trembling gaze
You’ll dress in layers, put up your hair, careful not to spill your insides; you’re a sucker for the limelight

You left with broken bones
(I took the longer way back home)
Pretending nothing’s wrong
(You used to be much more convincing)
Using strangers like mirrors trying to put your mind at ease
But we both know your reflection, never brings you peace

You can curse the ground, from your knees, but a gravestone holds no comfort to a widow when she weeps
You can dry your eyes on other’s sleeves, but you’re just a glass they all can sip from, they indulge all knowing it comes cheap