Three Winters

by Wayfarer

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50% of all proceeds from this album go towards Safaa and Feras Alkhalil. They’re young Syrian parents with four small children who are currently living in a refugee camp in Jordan. The rest of their family is already here in Hamilton, Ontario and they’re hoping to reunite. There’s a community group charged with caring for the family once they arrive to look after housing, integration, schooling for the children etc. they just need some help raising $25K upfront to cover sponsorship costs. If you can spare some money towards the cause it would be much appreciated. Monthly updates will be posted on our social media platforms.


released October 19, 2016

Wayfarer was…
Geoff Albrecht – Bass guitar
Kyle Krische – Drums, guitars, vocals, percussion, noise
Steve Sloane – Lead guitars, piano, strings, brass

Additional vocals by Nabi Sue Bersche

Engineered by Kyle Krische
Drums on tracks 2/3/4 engineered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios

Produced by Wayfarer
Recorded from January to September 2016

Artwork and Layout by Devan Power -
Poem excerpt from Names of the River by Tadeusz Borowski

Wayfarer would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund



Track Name: Three Winters
It's strange, like a dream, but somehow alive, painful:
to walk in evening lanes and not recognize familiar
shapes and ordinary names, and forget the faces of friends
to be only light and shadow, to have a lonely, mute body,
and to be the wave of a strange river, passing on and on

- Tadeusz Borowski
Track Name: Flaking
Do you still flake apart in seconds
While you’re sifting through excuses
You fell asleep
You rarely leave
Do you still pretend that I just missed you
Eating here inside your bedroom
You’re covered head to feet
It’s thirty-four degrees

So now I flip around your mirror
For the second time this week
I shouldn’t touch your things
You didn’t want to see
So I stopped asking how you’re doing
Because you said it was exhausting
You said it wasn’t sweet
You said I’m so draining

You said I wasn’t all I’m cracked up to be
You’re over missing me when I leave

So now you’re drinking without chasing
It flows right through your slender frame
You tell me what you think
You hate my crooked teeth

It’s like a burning in your skull
You haven’t had such a mean streak
Since you were seventeen
When you were so angry
So I’ll stomach all you can dish to me
I’m stomaching all you can smoke and drink
I can tell by your eyes you’re going to make this
A rough night for me

You said I wasn’t all I’m cracked up to be
You’re over missing me when I leave
You’re hanging up again
You take it out on me
Track Name: Scars of Youth
You had the nerve to say
I should be thankful you waited until Christmas Day
Saved you all those prying questions from your family
Should they find out by February
They’ll assume you cheated on me
Maybe things got crazy at some New Years party

You said you thought about Christmas Eve
Because then you wouldn’t have to get me anything
But all the cabs would be so busy
One bad snowfall you’d be stuck with me

I drank March away
Well, I guess no more than when you were still with me
I couldn’t even wreck myself adequately
Your beauty seemed frivolous to me
That’s what I told all the friends I knew you’d see
Now they wonder why you took so long to leave

Let’s pretend I deserve better
Let’s pretend the blame doesn’t fall on me
These scars of youth can be crippling

Let’s pretend you can’t do better
Let’s pretend you still stop and think of me
These scars of youth can be crippling
Track Name: Wed to Me
Then you got high
For the first time in a long time
I closed my eyes
Still felt you trying so hard to feel alright
Told me to promise that I won’t leave your side tonight
“I’m still out of my mind”

You hung your coat on the door
You tried to make your way across the floor
Sensing that everyone here knows that you’re here alone
Sensing that everyone here knows it’s the same when you go home
You say, “he’s not there,” and “I don’t know,” until you go cold
I watched you sink on your own

“But if I hear about those bags under my eyes one more time I think I’ll cry”

I’ll try and get you to eat
I’ll try and get you now to fall asleep
You tell me take the bed, I shouldn’t sleep on the floor
With a sad attempt at a laugh you say you don’t sleep there anymore
I felt my heart hit the floor

So now you don’t know why they wouldn’t stay
And you’re not quite sure of anything
I hear you trying not to say their name
You swore that love would bend not retreat so suddenly

You were dreaming up all the things that you would change today
If they would come back, this time I would be worth the stay
Track Name: Wednesday Morning
We never had a chance
So we let them know we didn’t give a damn
We weren’t exactly what we wanted but that was what we need
Set out to hit the town so desperately
But it hit us back so violently
We watched it all go black
We watched it float away

We start to drift apart and you’d make us bleed
You might move away but you can never leave
We felt those eight missed months that Wednesday morning
So now we’ll warn you for your own well being
You didn’t listen up hey, we’ve done the same
We’ll still drink to one another when this all goes down in flames

And they’ll say that this is living in the worst way

We never had a chance
So we light up nights, leave our marks on their front porch steps
We were gunning for the skyline while the smoke still danced
So we could talk our way out of anything
While stuttering so gracefully
We’re so full of shit but they’ll never prove a thing

So when it’s four a.m. and we can hardly see
Spit out a line again from that same movie
I’ll think maybe they were wrong about you
Maybe they’re wrong about me

We’ll be finding out our own way