Wayfarer​/​Hinindar Split EP

by Wayfarer

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    I talked about doing this since the beginning of the band so when it actually happened I was super excited. Mainly because I've always loved Steve's (Hinindar) songs and getting the chance to play them was great. Plus it would mean he'd actually have to physically release at least something with the Hinindar name on it. I think everyone can agree we were all much more excited for his half. We recorded all four songs for this EP in 5 hours, tracked individually. We thought this was quite the accomplishment but when "good enough" is your attitude it took about 2 hours too long. This was the first recording as a band, including Jason who had been playing bass for about a week at this point.

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released April 1, 2009

Recorded by Jason O'Young
Artwork by Andrea Manica



Track Name: Deaf Ears
And we’ll wait for the day to find our own way home
And we’ll wait for the day to determine we’re alone

From calloused knees onto deaf ears
Verses used to fill your eyes with tears
The guilt they taught you to repent
Is the only place you’ve found substance
From calloused knees onto deaf ears
You haven’t felt this strong in years
Embrace the days you know will fade
Not the ones you might not ever see

Imposing doctrine on wedding bands
You don’t empathize so you feel threatened
Imposing doctrine on hospital beds
Your picket signs made sure a bastard child lives in shame

Tradition wed to grave intent
Looking for a pretext to existence
But we’re just a small discrepancy
A single grain upon the beach
Well believe whatever it takes
To relieve this sinking feeling
That we’re alone
Track Name: Black Cadillac
I am black cadillac driving you to the north
The ground inherits your cigarette ash as we pull up to the shore line
Stretching beneath the sky
A few hours wave goodbye to the sunny skies

You are black cadillac driving to sad event
Our fathers buried within the ground and all my money’s been spent on
Funeral accustoms and tuxes
This is where we part and become ex’s

I am a bathroom sink holding parts of my beard
I was so dumb to think if I shaved off the bad hairs then things would get better
But I was wrong
All the bad times will cling to my face forever

This is the greatest day I’ve yet to be alive
I’ve yet to experience certain things that make me forget about
Goodbye’s and Hello’s
Drive away slow
Track Name: Hydro Poles
We are the hyrdopoles
We dance all night and we never get cold
The voices running through our bones keep us warm
Your bedroom was still full of light long after everyone said let’s call it a night
But we kept dancing till our feet came down
From the ground we had created a dark, dark cloud
Voices will be lost
Track Name: Failing Hands
She lies awake barely conscious yet not even half asleep
Because today her clothes don’t fit right it’s not her blood she feels rushing to her face
Her fingers tracing foreign outlines
His presence makes her feel more alone then it does safe
Reaching for handfuls of smoke you wonder why these failing hands have always felt so cold

And he hides his face because he can’t remember what he’s trying to see
Despondency’s what weighs his arms down, it’s what keeps him fixed, it keeps him fastened now in place
He hopes that she refutes the blame
Benevolence like that should always go unscathed
From the ground his views obstruct but at least from here he knows he’s always looking up