Wednesday Morning

from by Wayfarer

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We never had a chance
So we let them know we didn’t give a damn
We weren’t exactly what we wanted but that was what we need
Set out to hit the town so desperately
But it hit us back so violently
We watched it all go black
We watched it float away

We start to drift apart and you’d make us bleed
You might move away but you can never leave
We felt those eight missed months that Wednesday morning
So now we’ll warn you for your own well being
You didn’t listen up hey, we’ve done the same
We’ll still drink to one another when this all goes down in flames

And they’ll say that this is living in the worst way

We never had a chance
So we light up nights, leave our marks on their front porch steps
We were gunning for the skyline while the smoke still danced
So we could talk our way out of anything
While stuttering so gracefully
We’re so full of shit but they’ll never prove a thing

So when it’s four a.m. and we can hardly see
Spit out a line again from that same movie
I’ll think maybe they were wrong about you
Maybe they’re wrong about me

We’ll be finding out our own way


from Three Winters, released October 19, 2016